- Price List

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All prices are in U.S. dollars. 

Spice Type Price
Allspice   $.25/oz
Angelica Root   $1.00/oz
Caraway    $.30/oz
Cardamom Decorticated  $.1.60/oz
  Pods-Green $1.60/oz
Cinnamon Zeyalnicum $.95/oz
  Cassia (Ground) $.40/oz
Cloves Whole $.70/oz
Comfrey Root   $.70/oz
Coriander   $.30/oz
Cubebs   $1.60/oz
Cumin Whole $.50/oz
  Ground $.30/oz
Elderflowers   $.95/oz
Fennel Seed   $.30/oz
Frankincense   $.80/oz
Galingale   $.80/oz
Ginger Crystallized $.95/oz
  Powder $.45/oz
Grains of Paradise   $2.05/oz
Hibiscus Flowers   $.65/oz
Hyssop   $.65/oz
Juniper Berries   $.45/oz
Licorice Stick   $.25ea
Mace Whole $.95/oz
Marjoram   $.30/oz
Mastic   $7.00/oz
    $1.80/ 1/4oz
Mustard Seed Brown $.25/oz
  Yellow $.30/oz
Myrrh   $.95/oz
Nigella   $.60/oz
Nutmeg Whole $.75/oz
Peppercorns Black $.75/oz
  Green $3.00/oz
  White $.50/oz
  Pink $2.00/oz
  Long  $1.80/oz
Rosehips   $.55/oz
Saffron   $5.00/dwt
Sage   $.70/oz
Sanders (Red Sandalwood)   $1.30/oz
Sea Salt   $.10/oz
Sumac    $.80/oz
Tansy   $.65/oz
Thyme   $.40/oz
Turmeric   $.35/oz
Vanilla Beans   $1.25ea
Verjus 750ml $10.00
  375ml $5.00
Poudre Forte*   $1.00/oz

* Our Poudre Forte contains: Cubeb, Clove, Mace, Ginger, Black Pepper, Grains of Paradise, Cassia, and Cinnamon(Zeylanicum).

To Order:

Just write me a letter with the spices you want and full payment.  Please send it to:

The Pepperer's Guild
c/o David Chesterson
31 Sharon Street
Providence, RI  02908

Please send either a check or money order and make it payable to The Pepperer's Guild.

Also, please add $2.00 for shipping and handling for the first pound ordered, and an additional $1.00 per additional pound.

You may wish to check with me before you order to confirm that we have what you want in stock. Please remember most spices are seasonal and a bad crop may limit their availability

For prices on one pound or more of any particular spice, please contact us for a quote.

If you have any questions, or want to check on the availability of our products, please contact me via snail mail or e-mail at dchesty@cox.net